infinite thought: always choose the future over the past.

Funny, poetic and sarcastic, plus anti Blair. What's not to like ? A new "blog find" -- law

I may shortly be moving into a vision of someone else's failed utopia.

There's a flat near the Millennium Dome, with full view of Canary Wharf high-rise gleam-prog 'scrapers. And it's really spooky.

It looks a bit like the picture on the left, though the apartment I might inhabit is on the other side and way less expensive (although it also looks like lego).

When they say the future doesn't need us, it's places like this that spring to mind. Massive, multiple investments, silent empty carparks, chrome bus-stops. The low rumble of aircraft, cranes and empty transportation devices. The odd sky-bound seagull barely testifying to the fact that there isn't a giant hermetic dome 200m above shielding the whole darn place.

Mid-way between a hotel and a waiting room for a driverless inter-city monorail, the bleached blocks of light from between the electric blinds reveal nothing but an absence of dust on the ersatz wooden flooring.

Could be a laugh....

infinite th�ught: always choose the future over the past. what do we do now?


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