Howard Kurtz is delirious

Kurtz writes:

Now that an indictment has reached the highest level of the White House for the first time since Watergate, journalists face a minefield of potentially explosive questions: Are they enjoying a bit too much the spectacle of Libby, Vice President Cheney's chief of staff, having to resign over the perjury and obstruction of justice charges? What happened to the normal journalistic skepticism toward a single-minded special prosecutor, as was on display when Ken Starr was pursuing Bill Clinton?

What skepticism Mr. Kurtz ? Don't you think we have something called memory ?!?! Or for the memory impaired like you, we have archives. Care to cite an archived version of YOU or anyone in the WaPo being skeptic of Ken Starr ? -- law

Howard does get something right though:

...the leak prosecution is shaping up as a test of media fairness and responsibility in a polarizing age when many people on the left and right think the news business is hopelessly biased.

Yeah and you have just failed the test Mr. Kurtz... -- law

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