The Hawk Eye Newspaper - '06 budget remains a scandalous lie

'06 budget remains a scandalous lie

Alan Guebert Alan Guebert

Since early spring, Republican aggies in both the House and the Senate have warned their farm and ranch constituents that farm program spending will be cut $3 billion over five years beginning with the 2006 federal budget.

How did they arrive at that amount and timetable?

Simple. They pulled both figures out of thin air early in the 2006 budget process when party bosses designed, then pushed, a budget "reconciliation" bill through Congress that mandated both.

That reconciliation bill — a cherished leadership device to short–circuit troublesome Congressional hearings, public debate and recorded votes — however, hid the true prize sought by the White House and GOP party leaders: a two–year extension on two, fat–cat tax cuts due to expire in 2008.

The collective value of the tax breaks is pegged at $70 billion, or twice the size of the budget cuts Republicans bragged were needed to bring federal spending back in line.

How can a fast–track budget bill that contains both $35 billion in spending cuts and $70 billion in tax breaks over the next five years be sold as fiscal conservatism?

Easy, you travel the country (on the taxpayer tab) to speechify from flag–draped stages (where you begin and end by invoking God's blessing on the nation) and then you lie.

You lie by saying the nation cannot afford $3 billion more in ag spending from 2006 through 2010 while knowing that 23 or 24 times that amount will flow back to wealthiest of Americans in tax cuts during the same period.

You lie by not breathing a word that the two tax goodies contained in the reconciliation bill will extend previous tax breaks — one cutting capital gains taxes, the other cutting taxes on dividends — that you previously agreed would end in 2008.

You lie by ...

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