You may recall that Rudy Giuliani broke almost every promise he ever made while in office, and that even his fellow Republicans bashed him over his hilarious boasts that he would stop the patronage mill that is city government.

Once elected, Rudy did a dance (minus cabaret license) and became the king of patronage, going so far as hiring a self-proclaimed "mentally ill" college-dropout named Russell Harding who had no qualifications whatsoever to head the city's gigantic Housing Development Corporation. (Oh, wait—he did have one qualification: he was the son of Ray Harding, the boss of the Liberal Party, whose ballot line helped Rudy win. By strange coincidence, Rudy also hired Ray's other son, Robert.)

The good news is that the mentally ill Russell just got sentenced to five-years for not only stealing hundreds of thousands of tax-dollars (to go on plush vacations and attend strip clubs) but also for having a big stash of child porn on his computer.

Uncharacteristically, "Tough Talking" Rudy has been quieter than a mouse about his criminal pal's arrest and conviction. This isn't surprising, since Rudy helped cover up the child porn lover's crimes just as helped cover up all those child rapes committed by his beloved Catholic Church.

We've been saying all along that Giuliani is little more than a crook himself. It can't be coincidental that his friends—from Guy Velella to George Steinbrennar to Bill Fugazy to Bernie Ebbers to Bernie Kerik to George W. Bush to many of his former staffers, like Richard Roberts and Anne Coppacia, the woman he put in charge of the "mob-free" San Gennaro who has since pled guilty to embezzling money from the festival—are all corrupt, right?

If Rudy hates criminals so much, why doesn't he associate with anyone who isn't a criminal?

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