Freepers: You're All WRONG about Plame Indictments: It's Clinton's fault!

How could they not blame Clinton for it ? It has been the SOP for Bushies for so long they just can't help it! The tortuous way they manage to blame Hillary and Bill while keeping their faith in Bush / Rove's innocence is mind boggling. As kossack Glic says: "Just thought you'd like to see how the fog of blind loyalty to King George has altered their critical thinking skills. Wait...they're Bush voters: none there to begin with" LOL!!! -- law

PLAME: Sorry - You're All WRONG about Indictments[POLL]
by Glic

...As I was, you were probably counting the delicious indictments poised to be handed out by Fitz. Rove, Libby, Bolton, Hadley, Rice[!],to name a few, with a dash of unindicted co-conspirators given to Dick and George. IDIOTS!

I figured who in this world knows the mind of devious republicans better than the devious republicans over in Freeperville.[no link, don't give them the hits] Could they be seeing something we're not? Something that is so far-fetched it's logical? Something so unconnected it's obvious? The answer is yes. And guess who they believe it goes back to? Were you thinking Hillary? You weren't? Well, they are. And the "logic" involved will blow your mind.

Which means - it was NOT LIBBY who gave her the information - IT WAS PROBABLY HILLARY. I believe that because Valerie Pflame Wilson and her husband were very close friends of Hillary (giving Hillary the opportunity to know that type of information - and because I believe Pflame was a stool pigeon for the Clintons - especially after Bush took office). The Wilsons were known for their fund raisers for the Clintons.

I also believe it was Hillary who prompted Valerie to suggest her husband for the trip to Niger.

Why do I think Hillary would suggest that ..?? Because of the Wilson's relationship to the Clintons, and the fact that Bubba was all over Europe trying to get other countries to VOTE AGAINST THE UNITED STATES .. and Wilson was the perfect stooge to pretend that when he went to Niger and FOUND NOTHING - thereby MAKING BUSH OUT TO BE A LIAR - ALONG WITH BLAIR.

Do you not feel like a complete simpleton after reading such a masterful and logical conclusion? What about the very real possibilty that Patrick Fitzgerald might be covering for Hillary!

So why would Fitzgerald go along with NOT questioning Miller about her other (real) sources, even if or especially if, it WAS Hillary? Is he stupid enough to try to cover for Hillary? Is he stupid enough to think it wouldn't come out eventually, thanks to inquiring minds like the Pajamadeen Freepers?

Thanks, indeed! Yes, it will "all come out", like sunflower seeds through a pigeon

By their logic, there is also someone else who is as guilty as the day is long. Did the name Joe Wilson pop into your mind? No? It should have because they have it all figured it. In fact, it's quite "simple."

It's so simple: Joe Wilson publishes his NYT op-ed, everybody in Washington says "Who the hell is this guy?" Anybody who has ever talked 5 minutes with Wilson knows he'll blab about his wife to anybody who will listen. The rumor spread throughout Washington and these reporters wanted Libby and Rove to "confirm" it even though the reporters themselves knew that Plame drove to Langley every day.

How humbling it was to get a glimpse into the great minds of the big thinkers at FR. What a privilege to be granted the chance to finally understand such a complex storyline.

Heh...who am I kidding. Just thought you'd like to see how the fog of blind loyalty to King George has altered their critical thinking skills. Wait...they're Bush voters: none there to begin with.

Daily Kos: PLAME: Sorry - You're All WRONG about Indictments[POLL]


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