Fox Tammy Bruce:, the brunette Ann Coulter: No More ‘Sally Field’ Politics from Bush

Looove it when cons fight amongst each other !!! -- law

Speaking on Fox News Channel Monday about the present political climate in Washington, author and pundit Tammy Bruce – who last week said President Bush is turning into Jimmy Carter – now compared the president to actress Sally Fields.

Citing "out-of-control” spending and the recent nomination of Harriet Miers as a Supreme Court nominee, Bruce said Bush and the Republican party have grown more timid with the real political power they possess.

"He [Bush] is doing more things to try to be liked than anything else,” Bruce said. "The Democrats have effectively bullied their way into making Republicans and Conservatives afraid to do the right things.

"I’ve said for a long time that President Bush is not a real conservative" Bruce continued. "This man is spending more money than Lyndon Baines Johnson did on the [failed] Great Society programs.

"Authentic conservatives ought to show some real courage and gravitas in the decisions that are being made. Maybe [the president] left all of his courage in the Middle East, but he needs to start exhibiting some of it here.”

Tammy Bruce: No More ‘Sally Field’ Politics


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