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Significant essays

* WHO Inter-Country Consultation Influenza A/H5N1 in Humans in Asia. Manila, May 6th-7th 2005. pdf

* Columns by Peter Sandman and Jody Lanard
o Pandemic Influenza Risk Communication: The Teachable Moment (July 4, 2005)
o Superb Flu Pandemic Risk Communication: A Role Model from Australia (July 2005 )
o La gripe aviar: cómo comunicar el riesgo Perspectivas de Salud, vol. 10 no.2 2005. full text | link from editorial (español) traducciones

Scientific papers

Please sort by date - most recent first. See also CIDRAP (avian flu/pandemic flu), Nature, Connotea and FIC for links to recent scientific research.

* Avian Influenza A (H5N1) Infection in Humans (The Writing Committee of the World Health Organization (WHO) Consultation on Human Influenza A/H5, NEJM, Volume 353:1374–1385 Sept 29, 2005)
* Evolution of H5N1 Avian Influenza Viruses in Asia (author: The World Health Organization Global Influenza Program Surveillance Network. Emerg Infect Dis Vol.11 No.10 2005 Oct.) full text
* H5N1 influenza and the Implications for Europe (authors: D. Coulombier, K. Ekdahl. BMJ. 2005 Aug 20;331(7514):413–4. August 2005) full text
* Cost-benefit of stockpiling drugs for influenza pandemic. (authors: Balicer RD, Huerta M, Davidovitch N, Grotto I. Ministry of Health, Jerusalem, Israel; and Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Be’er-Sheva, Israel. Emerging Infectious Diseases, vol.11 #9, August 2005.) full text | pdf
“We analyzed strategies for the use of stockpiled antiviral drugs in the context of a future influenza pandemic, estimating cost-benefit ratios. Current stockpiling of oseltamivir appears to be cost-saving to the economy under several treatment strategies, including therapeutic treatment of patients and postexposure prophylactic treatment of patients’ close contacts.”
* Is the 1918 Influenza Pandemic Over? Long-Term Effects of in utero Influenza Exposure in the post-1940 U.S. Population. (author: Douglas Almond. Columbia University and NBER, July 2005.) pdf
* Human Infection by Avian Influenza H5N1 (authors: KY Yuen, SSY Wong. Hong Kong Medical Journal, 2005; 11:189–99. June 10, 2005.) abstract | pdf (english)
* Preparing for the Next Pandemic (author: Michael T. Osterholm, Ph.D., M.P.H. New England Journal of Medicine, vol. 352:1839–1842 #18. May 5, 2005) full text | pdf
* H5N1: A protean pandemic threat (authors: Y. Guan, L. L. M. Poon, C. Y. Cheung, T. M. Ellis, W. Lim, A. S. Lipatov, K. H. Chan, K. M. Sturm-Ramirez, C. L. Cheung, Y. H. C. Leung, K. Y. Yuen, R. G. Webster, and J. S. M. Peiris. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2004 May 25; 101(21): 8156–8161.) abstract | full text | pdf
* Re-emergence of fatal human influenza A subtype H5N1 disease (authors: Peiris JS, Yu WC, Leung CW, Cheung CY, Ng WF, Nicholls JM, Ng TK, Chan KH, Lai ST, Lim WL, Yuen KY, Guan Y. The Lancet 2004; 363:617–619. February 21 2004) abstract | full text | pdf | commentary
* Transmission of H7N7 avian influenza A virus to human beings during a large outbreak in commercial poultry farms in the Netherlands (authors: Marion Koopmans, Berry Wilbrink, Marina Conyn, Gerard Natrop, Hans van der Nat, Harry Vennema, Adam Meijer, Jim van Steenbergen, Ron Fouchier, Albert Osterhaus and Arnold Bosman. The Lancet 2004; 363:587–593. February 21 2004) abstract | full text | pdf | commentary
* Induction of proinflammatory cytokines in human macrophages by influenza A (H5N1) viruses: a mechanism for the unusual severity of human disease (authors: CY Cheung, LLM Poon, AS Lau, W Luk, YL Lau, KF Shortridge, S Gordon, Y Guan and JSM Peiris. The Lancet 2002; 360:1831–1837. December 7 2002) abstract | full text | pdf | commentary

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