DeeDee don't touch that Constitution!!!

Miers blog is so fluff and lightweight that she reminded me of Deedee from the show "Dexter's Laboratory". In case you aren't familiar with it you can get an idea about Deedee's personality via the theme song to DL:

"In Dexter's Laboratory
Lives the smartest boy you've ever seen
But his sister Deedee blows everything...
to smithereens!

There is gloom and doom and things go boom
In Dexter's Lab!"

Comments to my diary on Miers blog:

This is a joke, right? (none / 0)

if your ever nominated to the supreme Court,,
I wonder if her decisions will be so (ahem) carefully written!
by shock

Just read the blog... (none / 0)
...and I still can't decide whether to laugh or be scared to death.
The more I read, the more I thought... this has to be fake. But the more scared I got that it wasn't!
If it's not fake, check out this from a post this afternoon:
The decision was put off though because everyone has to do Fitzgerald stuff now.
by shock

asdf (4.00 / 2)

This doesn't sound fictional to you?
by machopicasso

OK. (none / 0)

So I'm tired! (sheepish grin)
OK. Now I can laugh. Thanks! :-)
by shock

Heh (none / 0)
You had me going there for a second. This is the best thing since Darth Vader's blog Who's the genius behind this anyway?
by Goldfish

Daily Kos :: Comments Harriet Miers has a blog: Jenna and / or Barbara for Supreme Court Judges ?


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