Daily Kos: Where's Rove?

Where's Rove?
by kos
Wed Oct 5th, 2005 at 15:40:00 CDT

The DC rumor mill is out of control. It's indictment mania! A dozen indictments? Two dozen? Who knows. And it's just rumors, and none from sources that would have reason to know. So as those rumors start seeping into the blogs, be forewarned. None of it is remotely confirmable.

But Aravosis has a bit of news that is intriguing, and a bit more on the "concrete" side:

I just talked to a source who told me that Karl Rove has been missing from a number of recent White House presidential events - events that he has ALWAYS attended in the past. For example, Rove was absent from yesterday's presidential press conference to promote Harriet Miers. These are the kind of events Rove ALWAYS attends, I'm told, yet of late he's been MIA each and every time.

My source tells me that the scuttlebutt around town is that the White House knows something bad is coming, in terms of Karl getting indicted, and they're already trying to distance him from the president.

Rove's sudden fondness for "undisclosed locations" might have something to do with the rash of rumors. Or it may be indicative of something bigger. Regardless, the drama level has just been upgraded a few notches higher.

Daily Kos: Where's Rove?


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