Daily Kos: What Have Liberals and Democrats Ever Done For Us?

Delaware Dem reminds us of what liberals have done, to dispel reich wing myths that Democrats are only naysayers who never did anything.. -- law

it goes without saying, every single leap forward over the last century has been the result of Democratic, Liberal and Progressive policies, positions and goals. Every step backward is most assuredly the result of Republican and Conservative policies, positions and goals.

... The Democrats have done nothing in the past, aside from protecting people from pollution, racial discrimination, barriers to the handicapped, dangerous products, poisonous food, bank failure, hazardous workplaces, overwork, unemployment, handguns, extreme poverty, hunger, and deadly diseases; and aside from providing public education, money for college, balanced budgets, the right to vote, a decent retirement, electricity, the Internet, time off for family, access to government and credit records, and the best examples of peace and diplomacy in our time.

What have the liberals ever done for us?


Daily Kos: What Have Liberals and Democrats Ever Done For Us?:


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