Daily Kos: The war within Bush's "political family"

The war within
by kos
Wed Oct 12, 2005 at 01:49:43 AM CDT

Civil War.

HOWARD FINEMAN, NBC CHIEF POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT: That`s the point of the lance of this whole thing.

Right now, my sense, in reporting this, Chris, is that the Bush family, political family, is at war with itself inside the White House. My sense is, it`s Andy Card, the chief of staff, and his people against Karl Rove, the brain.


FINEMAN: And that runs through a whole lot of things, whether it`s Harriet Miers or Katrina. But it all starts with Iraq.

And some submerged, but now emerging divisions within the administration over why we went into that war, how we went into that war and what was done to sell it. There are people are out for Karl Rove inside that White House, which makes his situation even more perilous.

Other than betting on the number of Fitzgerald indictments, speculating about this war within threatens to become the other big story. Fineman may have it right, he may be a victim of some sort of Rovian spin racket. But either way, the conflict is there. And a big cookie to the political reporter who brings it all out in the open.

I want to see the fault lines. And not just White House staff, but I want to know what's going on with the head cheeses themselves. Stuff like this, but moving beyond speculation.

Daily Kos: The war within


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