Daily Kos: They don't want code anymore

They don't want code anymore
by kos
Mon Oct 10, 2005 at 11:39:24 AM CDT

Dog whistle politics ain't doing the trick anymore.

It was the beginning of a delicate balancing act that, until President Bush picked Harriet E. Miers for the Supreme Court last week, had enabled him to forge an unprecedented bond with social conservatives without unnerving more moderate voters. President Bush may have perfected it during the 2004 presidential debates. He said he would not appoint justices who would approve of the Dred Scott decision - the 19th-century fugitive slave case that abortion foes compare to Roe v. Wade - but also pledged not to make the abortion issue a "litmus test" for judicial nominees.

The nomination of Ms. Miers demonstrated the fragility of a coalition built in part on code. The administration relied on subtle clues about her evangelical faith and confidential conversations with influential conservative Christians to enlist grass-roots support for Ms. Miers.

Conservatives don't want to remain in the closet, failing to realize that Bush and Rove use code for a reason. If the broad American public realized what Bush and the Republicans were truly about they would be decimated at the ballot box. Rove knows what he's doing, but movement conservatives and evangelicals don't care anymore. They want their radical agenda shouted from the rooftops, celebrated, rubbed into the faces of liberals.

Daily Kos: They don't want code anymore


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