Daily Kos: There is No God (And You Know It) [UPDATE]

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There is No God (And You Know It) [UPDATE]
by A Rational Being
Fri Oct 7th, 2005 at 08:06:18 CDT

Important Words from Sam Harris author of "The End of Faith"

Read the full article at Huffington Post.

There is another possibility, of course, and it is both the most reasonable and least odious: the biblical God is a fiction. As Richard Dawkins has observed, we are all atheists with respect to Zeus and Thor. Only the atheist has realized that the biblical god is no different. Consequently, only the atheist is compassionate enough to take the profundity of the world's suffering at face value. It is terrible that we all die and lose everything we love; it is doubly terrible that so many human beings suffer needlessly while alive. That so much of this suffering can be directly attributed to religion -- to religious hatreds, religious wars, religious delusions, and religious diversions of scarce resources -- is what makes atheism a moral and intellectual necessity. It is a necessity, however, that places the atheist at the margins of society. The atheist, by merely being in touch with reality, appears shamefully out of touch with the fantasy life of his neighbors.

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Update [2005-10-7 9:14:52 by A Rational Being]: I'm not looking for mojo. Just want others to read and to think hard about what Sam has to say.

Daily Kos: There is No God (And You Know It) [UPDATE]


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