Daily Kos: Strong Families. Strong Communities. Strong Nation.

Strong Families. Strong Communities. Strong Nation.
by Hunter
Sun Oct 2nd, 2005 at 23:29:40 CDT

A passing comment by Republican pollster Frank Luntz on the Mclaughlin Group (yes, I know; I'm a glutton for punishment) and this excellent diary by Torta converged to ring the same bell in my ears: what do Democrats stand for? It seems a common refrain, or assumption, that Democrats do not have an overall theme or narrative, and I will certainly agree that the party as a whole does a rather bad job of articulating the message. But it lodged in my brain, and after a half hour of thought I realized that I, at least, know what I stand for. And it's not complicated. And I think, in reality, it encapsulates the Democratic Party rather well:

Strong Families. Strong Communities. Strong Nation.

If it sounds "Republican", it shouldn't. It represents the three core principles of the Democratic message. And it's easy to explain.

Strong, viable families build strong communities. Strong communities build strong economies, and strong states, and support the basic framework of American resilience, competitiveness, and high quality of life. Those, in turn, build a strong, prosperous, well protected, well respected nation.

Strong Families. We believe America should nurture and support the American family. This means providing American families, and especially children, with the education they must have. This means that no family -- no child, at bare minimum -- should be left without healthcare services. The notion that a child's medical safety should be left to the random wheel of which company their parents work for is absurd, and in a country as prosperous as America, immoral.

All children. Not just some. Not just the upper class, or the middle class, or those in some states but not others. Education, health care, minimal fallback housing, and the basic promise of a future in which poverty can be shaken off by education and dedication should be considered the essential obligations of America to its children, regardless of the income level of their parents...

Daily Kos: Strong Families. Strong Communities. Strong Nation.


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