Daily Kos: Spend $1, Stop a Fundie, and Support American Girl(s)

Purchase an "I Can" Band for $1 at the American Girl e-store -- law

Spend $1, Stop a Fundie, and Support American Girl(s)
by mrsdbrown1

If you knew a company that produced books and toys for girls that encouraged them to read, nurtured a love of history, and helped them to develop creativity, self-confidence, and decision making skills, would you support them?

Not if you are a member of the religious right--- instead, you'd be calling for a boycott... I guess all this family focused, away-from-the-TV, American history activity isn't good enough for some conservatives, who apparently would like to see all of this snuffed out because American Girl, the corporation, also provides some charitable donations for Girls, Inc., the former Girls Clubs of America.

From the letter at the top of the Girls, Inc. website:

Recently, our mission to help girls develop their self-esteem and self-reliance has become the target of false, inflammatory statements from people who are pursuing a narrow political agenda

So who is making the call for a boycott, based on issues of Girls, Inc. supporting abortion and homosexuality?

American Family Association

Pro-life Action League

Boycott Liberalism

What does Girls, Inc, actually say about sex, abortion, and lesbians?

Girls Incorporated encourages all girls to develop positive sexual identities and to function comfortably as responsible sexual beings. We recognize that the family is the primary source of information about sex and we help girls and young women communicate with their families about sexuality.

To make responsible decisions about sexuality, pregnancy and parenthood, girls need and have a right to sensitive, truthful sexuality education; convenient access to safe, effective methods of contraception and protection from disease; and referral to comprehensive information, counseling, clinical and other services that support their responsible decisions.

So, do you have a buck that you can throw at a good cause?

Purchase an "I Can" Band for one dollar

Donations raised through "I CAN" are earmarked to support programs in three important areas: Intellectual Development, Leadership, and Sports, including:

* Girls Inc. Operation SMART®, which helps girls build skills in science, math, and technology
* Girls Inc. Discovery Leadership®, which helps girls develop leadership skills and community awareness; and
* Girls Inc. Sporting Chance®, which encourages athletic skills, cooperative and competitive spirit, and an interest in sports participation.

from the American Girl website

Daily Kos: Spend $1, Stop a Fundie, and Support American Girl(s)


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