Daily Kos: Something Wicked This Way Comes ?

Kossack Gottlieb in "a dangerous liaison of cynicism, paranoia and epiphany; [has] reached a conclusion; inescapable, indivisible and intuitively certain: Something wicked this way comes." like a Bush made flu outbreak to intern liberals into concentration camps... Ouch!!! I don't believe it but still I will stock up on cold & flu medicine ;-) -- law

Something Wicked This Way Comes
by Michael Alton Gottlieb
Thu Oct 6th, 2005 at 17:11:25 CDT

I've been doing some thinking. A dangerous thing on a good day; an embarrassing thing on a bad day. But, I've been thinking. Connecting the dots of snippets, sound bites and neo-con love letters. Reading between the lines of malapropism, insinuation and `in plain sight' subterfuge. I've been anxiously analyzing the pressure on my frontal lobe; the tin-foil lobe that lobotomists are always so eager to excise.

And through the thinking; a dangerous liaison of cynicism, paranoia and epiphany; I have reached a conclusion; inescapable, indivisible and intuitively certain.

Something wicked this way comes.

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Three things have jumped out at me lately:
1. Tularemia at the DC March
2. Bush's Emergency Quarantine Plans
3. Libby's Love Letter to Miller

These are not the only things that course through my veins of suspicion and circuits of Cassandrian synapse. But they are the ones that speak to me in tongues of fire, fury and fear.

The something wicked galloping our way like a horseman of the apocalypse is a symptom or tactic, if you will, of a greater disease or strategy. Yes, I am talking in shadows, but the reason will become clear. Because, the greater accusation is so large and sinister even a bare whisper sounds hysterical. It's better to talk in signs, secret handshakes and smoke signals rather than loose lips. But in the end, my conclusion will be laid on the table for contemplation and perhaps ridicule. Call it cathartic rumination or crazy talk. But there is an incessant cranial itching; an exploding brain precursor and I must give vent to my premonition or blame myself later, after it is too late, for my reticent silence.

Let's begin with Libby's Ode to the Aspens.

Libby wants Miller to come back to life; to cover other stories for greater glories. And what are those stories?

You went to jail in the summer. It is fall now. You will have stories to cover -- Iraqi elections and suicide bombers, biological threats and the Iranian nuclear program.

This jumped out at me the first time I read Scooter's Ode to fearless reporting and selfless sacrifice.

Iraqi elections and suicide bombers go hand in hand. They are past, present and future. These stories are real and ongoing.

But how about biological threats and the Iranian nuclear program? They're linked in the same way grammatically, as elections and jihadists, but really what is he talking about? What biological threats? It's no secret Libby and his ilk want to use force, if necessary, to halt Iran's nuclear program for fear, real or imagined, of atomic weaponry. But he speaks with certainty about biological threats in the same literary breath as the Iranian nuclear program. Is he talking warfare, terrorism, bird flu?

Don't know. But it stands out. Libby speaks explicitly of a biological threat this fall.

At the press conference the other day Bush talked with glee of using the military to quarantine cities in the face of biological threat. He has no plan, as usual, but force of arms.

Yes. Thank you for the question. I am concerned about avian flu. I am concerned about what an avian flu outbreak could mean for the United States and the world. I am -- I have thought through the scenarios of what an avian flu outbreak could mean. I tried to get a better handle on what the decision-making process would be by reading Mr. Barry's book on the influenza outbreak in 1918. I would recommend it.
The policy decisions for a President in dealing with an avian flu outbreak are difficult. One example: If we had an outbreak somewhere in the United States, do we not then quarantine that part of the country, and how do you then enforce a quarantine? When -- it's one thing to shut down airplanes; it's another thing to prevent people from coming in to get exposed to the avian flu. And who best to be able to effect a quarantine? One option is the use of a military that's able to plan and move.

Today Condi's State Dept. is holding an international avian flu preparedness conference.

The US Army is buying bulk Anthrax.

We all know about the strange case of Tularemia discovered during the big DC anti-war rally September 24th. What was the source of that biological threat significant enough for the government to warn doctors to be on the lookout for pneumonia like symptoms?

The "chatter" of biological threat has increased exponentially of late.

I just listened to the President's "major" speech about the `enemy.' Bush's Orwellian demagoguery and war mongering melodramatics only serve to fuel the hatred of the Islamists and further ignite the fire in the belly of those who can't see straight for their blind rage at the crusading infidel. The President in his incendiary irresponsibility taunts and dares the "enemy" to give us his best shot. The President, with his chicken-hawk heart, continues his "bring `em on" exercise of blood-letting bravado. And when the next attack comes, as it must, the President in his hermetically sealed bunker will smirk and say, "I told you so."

Whenever I hear our President talk of freedom I think of one thing: Freedom is Slavery.

And here we get to the crux of the matter; the point of the dangerous Bush strategery.

The men and token women in charge of the so-called Neo-con agenda have worked for more than a generation to achieve power.

The `crazies' in the basement of the Reagan White House have taken over the insane asylum. Their dominionist, Pax Americana vision of global conquest is as alive, vibrant and achievable as it ever was. We think we have them on the ropes as their failures mount and their embarrassments pile up.

But Bush's `major' speech today should dispel any notions of the crumbling Neo-con. It was a re-declaration of war. It was about `staying the course' through hell and high water. Bush's speech was a dismissal of dissent and a refusal to listen to the will of the people.

The Neo-cons are zealots. They are true believers. After a generation of slaving away to get what they want; in spite of the shaking heads and rolling eyes of Colin Powell pragmatic conservatives, the power is theirs and they will not give it up lightly.

They stole the election of 2000. They rigged the election in 2004. There will be no election in 2008.

Like it or not; believe it or not, the stage is set for a State of National Emergency and the suspension of the constitution; martial law.

Daily Kos: Something Wicked This Way Comes


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