Daily Kos: Secret - Or Secret Code?

Well, Bush mentions Dred Scott because it is code for Roe v. Wade. In fact Robert, P. Casey, Governor of Pennsylvania gave a speech explaining how they are the same. So, when Bush mentions Dred Scott in the second presidential debate he is talking to the anti-abortion groups that are familiar with this in order to avoid saying what kind of judge he is looking for to fill any Supreme Court seat. You can read the Governor's speech online

But, now Bush is talking in code once again. He is telling us about Harriet Miers' religion. Just a couple of weeks ago during the John Roberts hearings religion was supposedly off the table. Just because the Catholic Church is against abortion and John Roberts is Catholic doesn't mean that John Roberts would rule against abortion. At least that was the lie the Bush administration and John Roberts' supporters said. But, now when George W Bush is trying to signal to the Religious Right he no longer knows about the secret code of Dred Scott. Perhaps Karl Rove wasn't around to remind him what to say. Instead, Bush tells the religious right not to worry, because Harriet Miers is a strict fundamentalist Christian. She wouldn't dare cross the Lord Jesus and vote for any abortion case. She knows it would be a sin....

But, then again does the Religious Right really know what George W Bush holds in higher esteem, Loyalty or Religion. We all know that George W Bush lies to get what he wants. We just don't know what he wants. Does he want to put a Loyalist in the Supreme Court in case he is called on the carpet for any illegal activity that comes forward in the next few years? Or, does he want a Religious zealot on the Supreme Court who will legislate from the bench all of the Church law that "should" be in the US Constitution? George W Bush could actually be lying to his base this time around, and maybe some of his supporters aren't so sure about him this time around. Or, maybe he is just lying to the mainstream American people like usual.

Daily Kos: Secret - Or Secret Code?


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