Daily Kos: Rural Op-ed -- Republicans Lie and Lie

Rural Op-ed -- Republicans Lie and Lie
by Prairie Logic
Sat Oct 1st, 2005 at 16:32:16 CDT

Alan Guebert, a free-lance agricultural journalist from Illinois whose column appears weekly in more than 70 rural newspapers throughout the US and Canada, wrote a blistering Op-ed this week describing how the Republicans sell their warped agenda to the country:

They lie as they wrap themselves in the flag and God...

How can a fast-track budget bill that contains both $35 billion in spending cuts and $70 billion in tax breaks over the next five years be sold as fiscal conservatism?

Easy, you travel the country (on the taxpayer tab) to speechify from flag-draped stages (where you begin and end by invoking God's blessing on the nation) and then you lie.

But Guebert doesn't stop there... he continues on and rips them a new one describing their lies repeatedly...

Daily Kos: Rural Op-ed -- Republicans Lie and Lie


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