Daily Kos: Pat Buchanan's Conspiracy Theory on War Lies - MUST READ!

Pat Buchanan's Conspiracy Theory on War Lies - MUST READ!
by bejammin075
Wed Oct 19, 2005 at 04:09:30 PM CDT

On last night's (10-18-05) episode of Hardball, I was shocked to hear Pat Buchanan, of all people, talk about a far-out conspiracy theory that the forged Niger uranium documents were part of a broad conspiracy to get the United States into war! If these same words were uttered by any progressive or liberal, you'd probably hear the charge "conspiracy theorist," thrown at them to automatically discredit him or her.

I have to ask, if Patrick Buchanan can talk about this in public, why can't the Democrats? We were lied into war, and our brave soldiers are dying every day for it. Who among the Democrats will talk about this in public and represent the 100% of Americans who were lied into war?

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(my emphasis added in bold)

MATTHEWS: Do you think Judy Miller was writing stories on the front page of the New York Times on Sunday which then, of course, became the platform of discussion on the Sunday talk shows, saying there were weapons of mass destruction.

So, it wasn`t just one side that was leaking it.

BUCHANAN: Chris, you are right on it right there. The success here

and Mr. Gergen and Buchanan were never able to achieve it--the folks in Cheney`s office and the White House turned the New York Times, the newspaper of record in this country into a propaganda organ for the war party.

Secondly, why did Wilson go to Niger?

Somebody forged some documents which were given then to the president. And he was saying nuclear weapons, nukes in Iraq. Somebody forged them to get this country into a war.

Who forged those documents?

MATTHEWS: But weren`t those documents disseminated out of Italy?

BUCHANAN: They were, yes, but who forged them, Chris?

Somebody made those up. Some intelligence service or some brilliant individual...


BUCHANAN: They were too badly forged for Mossad to have done it, you know. They do better work than that.

But why has the FBI been unable to tell us who provided this information that was designed to bring the United States into the Middle East and war in Iraq?

MATTHEWS: You`re suggesting motive here. What`s the motive?

BUCHANAN: The motive is to get the United States into a war.

MATTHEWS: Who had that motive?

BUCHANAN: There are a number of people: the Iranians did. The Israelis did. The neocons did. Certain agencies in D.C. did.

Others say they were do badly drafted, the French may have done it so that they would explode in the Americans' face.

MATTHEWS: Why didn`t the CIA spot the phoniness of these documents?

BUCHANAN: Some of them did.

MATTHEWS: Why did they have to send somebody down to Niger to disprove them?

BUCHANAN: Well, I mean, you double check something like that. But early on, understand, the State Department said: These things don`t look good to us.

So there you have it folks. Patrick J. Fucking Buchanan wears as big a tin foil hat as any found here on DailyKos. If Pat Buchanan can talk openly talk about a vast, international conspiracy to sell a war based on lies, then what is stopping Democrats (the opposition party)? When will our elected representatives actually represent the 100% who were lied into war, or the majority who understand that, or the minority that doesn't yet know?

Daily Kos: Pat Buchanan's Conspiracy Theory on War Lies - MUST READ!


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