Daily Kos: Open Thread 9 am, Tuesday, Oct 11, 2005

Recommended diaries at 9 am, Tuesday, Oct 11, 2005 :
bulldog manifesto craps on the facts
by Stirling Newberry

Dear Whoever The Hell Comes Up With These Things
by Hunter

Electric Car Industry Update & New Batteries
by Chris Kulczycki

Iraqi bloggers discuss Daily Kos - let's interact with them!
by Sharon Jumper

Right to Life
by mcjoan

Toledo Blade: Noe moved Coin Cash into GOP
by madhaus

Bolton blocks U.N. briefing on atrocities in Darfur
by lawnorder

Venezuela Switches to Euros -- Currency Collapse in the U.S.?
by The Bulldog Manifesto

Daily Kos: Open Thread


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