MSO in truly splendid rant form as always -- law

by Maryscott OConnor

Don't try and pin me down, here -- I am ALL OVER THE PLACE on this topic. I disagree with Obama. I disagree with Obama-bashing. I disagree with the impulse to gush over Obama. I disagree with the impulse to trash the shit out of him in the name of liberalism.

He's a fucking freshman Senator, and while he has the gift of public speaking and charm to spare, it's fairly evident to me that the man is a fucking centrist. Ergo, I have no high expectations that Obama will be my dreamboat candidate.

I'm a far-left radical commie pinko bleeding heart liberal, for chrissakes. My demographic is probably smaller than the one that encompasses white-sheet-wearing scumbags who think we ought to return to enslaving people of colour, for chrissakes.

So I guess what I'm saying is, I'm trying to learn to compromise with MYSELF. My instinct is to purge the motherfuckers, every last one of them. But the fact is, most of the Democrats in Congress share the values of the middle, man. The CENTRE. Hence, their centrism.

And I'm okay with that, I guess. Fine, I'm NOT okay with that -- but I can LIVE with it.

What I CAN'T live with -- and I'm talking to YOU, Senator Obama, and your fellow Democrats -- is a Democratic Party that is so weak, so ineffectual in standing up for its CENTRIST values, let alone any inclinations toward the left... that the Republicans and the nutjobs in charge of their party have been allowed -- ALLOWED, goddamnit -- to move the fucking centre into the furthest reaches of the goddamned RIGHT WING.

So forgive me if I cannot accept that even those compromises I make in the name of centrism and coalition, which fill me with bile enough as it is, aren't ENOUGH of a capitulation for you, Senators. Seriously -- what the FUCK is left of Democratic values after we've run them through the Republican cheese grater on command for the past fucking decade or more?
Most of the Democrats in Congress are so far to my right, I can't stand thinking about it. Since they also seem to have deliberately moved in that direction or abandoned principles they once had -- or were so fiendishly clever they convinced people they had them -- I tend to find them almost more morally repugnant than the right wing Republican opponents we face.

Which is tolerable, to me, in the name of the greater good. I am willing to prostitute myself to the centrism of self-absorbed politicians if it means turning this motherfucking ship around and heading somewhere at least VAGUELY in the vicinity of SANITY.

But, please, while I'm busily fellating centrism in the name of Lesser Evil, don't start telling me how much I like it and how there's more where that came from. Because we both know the only reason I'm here is to get out of the red.



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