Daily Kos: NRO "Shocked" To Discover Brit Hume Smears For WH

NRO "Shocked" To Discover Brit Hume Smears For WH
by Armando
Thu Oct 13, 2005 at 09:17:02 PM CDT

Update [2005-10-13 23:55:31 by Armando]: Crooks And Liars with the Hume/Kristol contretemps. John is licking his Yankee wounds (I am licking mine) but still on the job.

In their best imitation of Claude Rains, the people at National Review Online are "shocked" to discover that Brit Hume will lie and slander at the behest of the White House:

Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Alice Batchelder was reportedly on the Administration's short list for a Supreme Court vacancy at some point. According to FNC's Brit Hume, she was struck from the list because of a record of "judicial activism." In response to Bill Kristol's suggestion that Batchelder would have been a better nominee on Fox News Sunday, Hume said

I can tell you this about Alice Batchelder. She was very, very closely vetted. And you know what they found? They found all kinds of evidence of activism in her record. And they were quite surprised and not pleased to find that.

Those familiar with Batchelder's record were surprised at the charge. . . .

When Kristol questioned this new smear tactic, Brit incredulously suggested that this is something he found on his own. But, as Brit's first statement makes clear, the only way he could have gotten this information about White House opinion is by hearing it from the White House . . .

. . . [S]mearing qualified candidates for the Court is no way for this administration to win back the trust and loyalty of the conservative base.

How very freaking rich of them. Tsk Tsk-ing smears from the White House. Shocked to find out they do that are you NRO?

One word for you - Plame.

Daily Kos: NRO "Shocked" To Discover Brit Hume Smears For WH


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