Daily Kos: The Myth of the Purple Finger

The Myth of the Purple Finger, Part 2
by Armando
Sun Oct 16, 2005 at 10:07:18 PM CDT

Here it is in another form:

Many diplomats and analysts say they believe the constitution, which would formalize Iraq as a parliamentary democracy with Islam as a principal source of its laws, would bring a measure of peace and stability to the country and undercut the insurgency by demonstrating to Sunnis that they could better achieve their goals through politics than violence.

As the Sunni overwhelmingly opposed the Iraqi constitution, it makes you wonder how stupid these "many diplomats and analysts" could be. And indeed, let's hear what the Sunni say:

But it was unclear whether Sunnis would stay engaged in the political process if they thought it was stacked against them or perceived that they lost the referendum by fraud. Months of negotiations to win broad support from Iraq's three main communities largely failed, as demonstrated by the Sunnis' overwhelming rejection of the charter. In a sign of how deep and hard divisions ran, the no vote was as high as 90 percent in some Sunni communities, while some Shiites approved the charter by a similar figure, local officials said.

On fraud:

As early tallies from the constitutional referendum emerged Sunday, some Sunni leaders cried foul, saying their field surveys showed that they had in fact crossed the threshold for defeating the proposal. They charged that the U.S.-backed government, a coalition of Shiite and Kurdish parties whose leaders dominated the drafting of the constitution, was stealing the election.

Was there fraud? Who knows? I doubt there was a need. But it doesn't matter what I think. It matters what the Sunni think.

Now, what is an interesting dilemma for the Bush Adminstration is how to handle the expectation that the adoption of the Iraq Constitution will hasten the return of our troops. And unlike the Myth of the Purple Finger contingent, the Bush Adminstration is trying to damp down expectations on that score

Daily Kos: The Myth of the Purple Finger, Part 2


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