Daily Kos: My vision for America: 25 recommendations for a brighter future

My vision for America: 25 recommendations for a brighter future
by bhouston79
Mon Oct 10, 2005 at 12:21:21 AM CDT

No, I'm not running for President, but nonetheless it's fun to think about. Here are my recommendations for a better and brighter U.S.A.:


(1) End corporate rule of our politics by eliminating all forms of private campaign contributions and instituting public financing of campaigns throughout the entire political process. We can take back our government from the special interests for as little as $3 per year per citizen. See this diary for details: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2005/10/4/13651/7589


(2) Dramatically increase the minimum wage from it's current level to $9.75 per hour so that no person or their family who works hard and plays by the rules has to live in poverty.

(3) Index the minimum wage to keep pace with inflation so that those who work hard and play by the rules in the future don't recieve a pay cut just because the wrong party is power.

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(4) Raise the highest marginal tax rate back to what it was prior to Bush's tax cut in 2000.

(5) Reinstate the estate tax, but allow exemptions for family owned businesses and family owned farms up to 5 million dollars.

(6) Eliminate the ceiling on the Social Security payroll tax and and use this new revenue to cut payroll taxes for the middle and lower classes so that the Social Security payroll tax in general becomes less regressive.

(7) Crack down on collusion and monopolies in the Market Place to make sure that markets are truly competitive and small business have at least a fighting chance. Stop rubberstamping every proposed new merger.

(8) Withdraw from all trade agreements such as NAFTA, GATT, and CAFTA, which fail to safeguard labor rights or the environment, and instead encourage a race to the bottom. Refuse to enter into any future "free trade" treaties unless they adequately safeguard labor rights and the environment.

(9) Penalize corporations who avoid taxation through offshore offices by ridding the tax code of this loophole.

(10) End ALL Corporate Welfare.


(11) Create a New initiative called the 2020 initiative, similar in scale to the Manhattan Project or the Race to the Moon to create an efficient alternative fuel source to fossil fuels and nucear energy by 2020. This initiative can succeed by bringing together the best and brightest scientists that this nation (and perhaps the World) has to offer as well as many other persons who would help to carry out this mission. Not only would it help us in our Foreign policy by reducing our supply of oil from terrorist supporting regimes like Saudi Arabia as well as the environment, but this dose of Keynsian economics would help the economy as well.

(12) In the short term, raise CAFE emission standards and provide $750 tax rebates to taxpayers who choose to buy hybrids.

(13) Require pollutors rather than taxpayers to once again fund the the cleanup of toxic waste sites.


Daily Kos: My vision for America: 25 recommendations for a brighter future


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