Daily Kos: My bills are mounting! Why I don't give a rat's ass about DeLay or Obama

My bills are mounting! Why I don't give a rat's ass about DeLay or Obama
by nyceve [Subscribe]
Sun Oct 2nd, 2005 at 10:13:57 CDT

There's a special place in Hell reserved for Tom DeLay, Jack Abramoff, Bill Frist, Mr. Bush, Mr. Cheney, all of these criminals.

But I don't have the luxury of reveling for too long in this wonderful news of indictments and frog marches. Like many Americans, I worry about paying next months skyrocketing bills. Things are spiraling out of control, Mr. Obama. Next time you join us here, talk to me, recognize my fears, recognize that life has become mired in despair for countless Americans. Understand the most painful truth, which is that many of us no longer recognize this as the America we grew up in.

Let me tell you something Kossacks, let me tell any still semi-coherent Democratic office holder, many Americans don't have the time to feel more than passing joy at the coming implosion of the House of Bush. All we worry about is staying one step ahead of the onslaught of bills.

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You want to be embraced by the grassroots and the netroots, respond to me and tell me you are listening to my pragmatic and dismal day-in-day-out realities. And it gets even worse. I have no right to complain, my realities aren't a fraction as bad as the dire circumstances of most Americans.

All this bickering about centrism, too left, not quite left enough, DLC, Hillary Hate, is bullshit. For starters, just promise me that on day one, you're going to make healthcare a right not a privilege.

Your fellow citizens are really worried. Right now, Avian flu is particularly horrifying. Talk to me you moron democrats, tell me what you're going to do to protect me from the health insurance industry, the oil companies, Al Queda, unaffordable energy prices, unequal education, incompetent FEMA, a shortage of flu vaccine. How about leveling with the American people about Peak Oil?

Corruption and competence matter, but how to pay my skyrocketing health insurance premiums matters just as much.

Listen to my cries, mine is the voice of millions of Americans--voting Americans.

Taking these criminals down is glorious. Now I plead for just one democrat to step forward and assure me that they recognize that we can't hang on much longer. The middle class in this country is being destoyed in just the same way as the middle class in Iraq has been all but vanquished...

Read the comments that we get every day here. Heartbreaking is what they are! The pleas of ordinary, hard working, tax paying Americans, desperately juggling two jobs, skyrocketing costs and a seemingly out-of-touch democratic party. Mr. Obama, next time you (or more likely your staff person) writes a lengthy Kos diary, please use a paragraph or two to acknowledge that you recognize that many Americans are losing the struggle.

Daily Kos: My bills are mounting! Why I don't give a rat's ass about DeLay or Obama


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