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Miller's Notes
by Hunter
Sun Oct 9th, 2005 at 18:28:39 CDT

This WaPo story by Carol Leonnig fleshes out the "discovered" Judith Miller notes better than I've seen elsewhere. I mention it because it squashes some of the theories out there about who discovered the notes and how:

New York Times reporter Judith Miller has discovered notes of a conversation she had with Vice President Cheney's chief of staff in June 2003 and has turned them over to the prosecutor investigating whether administration officials illegally leaked the identity of a covert CIA operative to the media, according to two sources familiar with case. [...]

It is unclear why Fitzgerald wants to speak with Miller again. Miller turned over some redacted notes to the prosecutor last week, and her attorneys asked her to reexamine others, according to a source close to Miller. [...]

Miller, 57, also has agreed to special counsel Patrick J. Fitzgerald's request that she meet with him Tuesday to answer additional questions as part of his probe, the sources said.

So they are Miller's own notes, Miller herself turned them over, and they were indeed found after her attorneys "asked her to reexamine" her Wilson-related materials. By "found", I imagine we can assume "found under duress", after the information first provided to Fitzgerald failed to satisfy him and/or the grand jury.

The most simple explanation is probably the correct one: Miller originally provided materials to the grand jury based on the original July 8th 2003 - July 13th 2003 request, but in Miller's four hours of testimony to the grand jury on September 30th, the timeframe of interest broadened much more widely back into June. Thus, the "reexamination" of her previous materials.

Note that this confirms that Miller is indeed cooperating more broadly with the grand jury than merely answering a few questions about the July conversations with Libby. The story also notes that Miller's attorney had no comment about the notes, which I find mildly interesting, given that many of these "anonymous" leaks have been transparently coming from the attorneys for the various parties.

In any event: Miller testifies again on Tuesday, and others, including Rove, are also expected to give repeat performances this week. Should prove interesting, especially since Fitzgerald, as I've said before, has been continually seeming to surprise his witnesses with what he's learned about their actions, prompting many of these apparent "reexaminations" of past testimony.

Daily Kos: Miller's Notes


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