Daily Kos: Miers Calls Specter A Li - Um, "Misunderstander": Denies Recognizing Right To Privacy

Money Quote: "Uh oh, the Wingnuts aren't buying it"

Miers Calls Specter A Li - Um, "Misunderstander": Denies Recognizing Right To Privacy
by Armando
Tue Oct 18, 2005 at 09:08:48 AM CDT

Update [2005-10-18 11:33:24 by Armando]: Courtesy of Krempasky, the Miers Senate Questionnaire.

Harriet Miers seems to be misunderstood a lot:

U.S. Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers disavows telling a U.S. senator that she believes there's a constitutional right to privacy and that a case the high court relied on when it legalized abortion was correctly decided, the lawmaker's spokesman said in a statement.

Senator Arlen Specter, Pennsylvania Republican and chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, issued the statement after telling reporters that Miers, the White House counsel, had told him there was a right to privacy. Specter's spokesman, Bill Reynolds, said Miers called the senator after reading news accounts of his comments about their conversation to say Specter had misunderstood her position about privacy or the 1965 decision in Griswold v. Connecticut...

Maybe this explains why Hecht and Kinkeade may not understand if Miers would overturn Roe. Seems like Ms. Miers is full of "failures to communicate."

Remember that even John Roberts thought Griswold was not controversial to the point that he expressly stated that he agreed with its holding. Apparently Harriet Miers has not reached that point in her judicial thinking. Maybe that's what made Hecht and Kinkeade believe she would overturn Roe. Honestly, that would not be an unreasonable surmise in my opinion.

Update [2005-10-18 11:2:21 by Armando]: Uh oh, the Wingnuts aren't buying it:

Reacting to Specter's statements about his conversations with Miers on Griswold, Jan LaRue, chief counsel for the conservative group Concerned Women for America, said she was puzzled because Specter has a reputation for being precise about constitutional law. "It sounds like he's being gracious. I mean, how could he get that wrong? It sounds funny to me," said LaRue, whose group has raised sharp questions about the Miers nomination. "That's artfully worded, isn't it?

Daily Kos: Miers Calls Specter A Li - Um, "Misunderstander": Denies Recognizing Right To Privacy


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