Daily Kos: Libby hearts Judy

GOPpig Libby writing poems for shrill Judy. Ewwwww!!! -- law

Libby hearts Judy
by kos
Sat Oct 1st, 2005 at 11:42:13 CDT

Sends her love letters. Well, not a real love letter, but what passes for love between neocons.

[Libby] closed the letter [to Judy Miller] on this personal note (although he wasn't quite right on when autumn begins): 'You went into jail in the summer. It is fall now. You will have stories to cover--Iraqi elections and suicide bombers, biological threats and the Iranian nuclear program. Out West, where you vacation, the aspens will already be turning. They turn in clusters, because their roots connect them. Come back to work---and life. Until then, you will remain in my thoughts and prayers.'

Let me wipe that tear from my eye....

Daily Kos: Libby hearts Judy


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