Daily Kos: John Dean: Using the Grand Jury to Keep Secrets

John Dean: Using the GJ to Keep Secrets
by geordie [Subscribe]
Sat Oct 29, 2005 at 08:29:55 AM CDT

John Dean said something interesting last night on Aaron Brown's show, right at the end - and it indicates why we cannot count on Fitzgerald to out this administration, just as it was not grand juries or judges in Watergate that got to the Nixon cabal. It's the political system, stupid! More below (and apologies if this has already been diaried - I looked but couldn't find it).

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Dean said (I'm paraphrasing) that at the beginning of the Watergate scandal, one strategy of the Nixonians was to try to keep things in the grand jury, PRECISELY because that evidence would then be kept secret. He said this in response to what Fitzgerald said in the press conference about not being able to release the information gathered for the grand jury's proceedings. Presumably, in Watergate, they thought the small fish who had been caught could plead out, there would be no trial to bring the information into the light of day, and then Nixon would skate through relatively unscathed.

Dean said that it was when Congress got involved that things started to unravel - which is clear from my memory as a new college graduate, in graduate school, spending the first summer after college watching the Senate Watergate hearings. The Congressional hearing process has exactly the opposite purpose of a grand jury investigation - it's designed to bring everything into the light of day, to be subject to public scrutiny and decisions. The judicial system, on the other hand, especially at the grand jury stage, must protect citizens against whom no charges are ever laid by keeping its evidence secret until those charges are actually made. ..

Daily Kos: John Dean: Using the GJ to Keep Secrets


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