Daily Kos: Iraq through the looking glass

Interesting blog from an Iraqi. It reminds me of the tale about the snow in Pennsylvania:

August - Just moved to Pennsylvania, what a beautiful state. I can't wait until it snows!
September - It snowed last night!!!! How cool! I think I'm going to like it here..
October - Snow is falling everyday now. Such wonderful place to live!
November - The snow removal truck is late again.. Me and the kids had our daily snowball fight while I waited. We saw a cute little deer
December - 6 feet of snow and no sign of the damn truck! I'm late for work and those little urchins won't relent with the snowballs...
January - More of that freaking white shit is falling from the sky! My yard is full of deer turds. Someone oughta shoot them all!! And where is the goddamn truck ?
February - Wife dropped by to serve me with divorce papers. She is moving to Hawaii, the b*tch! If I ever get out of jail I'll torch that damn house on the godforsaken state of Pennsylvania. And this time I'll make sure that truck driver eats all the snow in my driveway!

See the real life Iraq version of this tale below..

Ays is initially mildly conservative and enthusiastically pro American but slowly he gets disilusioned with the occupation...

Daily Kos: Iraq through the looking glass


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