Daily Kos: HURRICANE? WHAT HURRICANE? Remembering Slidell - Photos

HURRICANE? WHAT HURRICANE? Remembering Slidell - Photos
by Barbara
Sat Oct 1st, 2005 at 00:18:46 CDT

Remember the hurricane? The one called Katrina? Then three weeks later Rita? Should you have already forgotten, below are a few of the photos that I took while in Slidell. It is abit of a 'tease', to keep ALL of your minds on the fact that our country is only 5 weeks AFTER a CATASTROPHIC disaster that has taken thousands of lives (despite what 'they' are reporting) and made refugees of tens of thousands of AMERICANS.

I'm currently processing 10 rolls of 35mm with the help of a couple of folks who will put them where they can be linked to for your viewing 'pleasure'.

You know, when I picked up these pictures I started looking at them right there in "WallyWorld" and immediately I could again smell the horrid stench of sewage, decay, mold, death and chemicals...and remember the miles and miles of total destruction, the lifelessness in the eyes of those that lived through it and my tears began again...

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When I returned home, I went to DailyKos and saw all the diaries on recommend and those in my top twenty and NOTHING on the hurricanes or the suffering of the tens of thousands who lived through them and now live in sub-standard conditions...and those damn pesty tears began again...I wanted to scream to no one in particular and to everyone in America..."WE HAVE PEOPLE IN OUR COUNTRY THAT NEED ATTENTION AND HELP...DON'T FORGET THEM"....

I realize there is other news and that much of it is important...but please, ONE DIARY daily on point with the hurricane...PLEASE. I will write it if you want, but PLEASE DON'T FORGET THESE PEOPLE...

Daily Kos: HURRICANE? WHAT HURRICANE? Remembering Slidell - Photos


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