Daily Kos: Herodotus weeps

O'Reilly says slaves came to America voluntarily, accuses Cromwell of working for the British Empire... -- law

Herodotus weeps
by Raybin
Thu Oct 6th, 2005 at 16:01:54 CDT

Just when you thought the right couldn't possibly get any dumber, here comes...CAPTAIN FALAFEL!!!

Media Matters and Atrios are already on top of this, but having something of a passing interest in history myself, I had to mention it

..So Bill was arguing with a caller on his radio show as he is wont to do, when the following escaped his mouth

My people came from County Cavan in Ireland. All right? And the British Crown marched in there with their henchman, Oliver Cromwell, and they seized all of my ancestors' lands, everything. And they threw them into slavery, pretty much indentured servitude on the land. And then the land collapsed, all right? And everybody was starving in Ireland. They had to leave the country, just as Africans had to leave -- African-Americans had to leave Africa and come over on a boat and try to make in the New World with nothing. Nothing. And succeeded, succeeded. As did Italians, as did -- and I'll submit to you, African-Americans are succeeding as well. So all of these things can be overcome I think

I'll give you a minute to recover.


Really something, huh? Let's see what the interested parties have to say about Bill's version of history, shall we?

Hi, I'm Charles I. Although Oliver Cromwell played an instrumental role in my trial and execution by beheading, I want to assure you all he was in fact my loyal henchman who loved me and cheerfully did all I asked of him. He loved the British Crown, despite fighting against it in the English Civil War. Don't try to figure it out, you'll just hurt yourself. I'd offer a further explanation, but I'm dead, and I have to be getting back to the Other Side. Dig the beard, eh? I know all the ladies really liked it! Eh, eh? Get it? Bah, you modern people. 17th century audiences would be in stitches.

Okay, next up we have 19th century slaves, held in bondage in the American south:

Greetings! We're an African family who cheerfully booked a cruise on Middle Passage Ship Lines to come to America and try to make a happy new life. In order to earn a bit of extra money, we sold ourselves into degrading slavery and...OH JESUS GOD ARE YOU FUCKING NUTS BILL O'REILLY?!?! WE WERE PEOPLE IN OUR HOMELAND, AND HERE WE'RE PROPERTY! WE DIDN'T ASK TO BE TAKEN, WE WERE KIDNAPPED BY BRUTE FORCE YOU FUCKING CRAZY ASSHOLE.

Daily Kos: Herodotus weeps


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