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Your diarist wants to set some dead parrots loose out of their cages and let them fly - or drop - wherever they may. Preferably without them sneezing. Sneezing dead parrots will bring in teams of veterinary investigators from the World Health Organisation. The threat of a world-wide dead parrot flu pandemic will be announced. George Bush will bring in the military. All because a dead parrot sneezed.


Those of you foolish enough to read last week's column will know that it was revealed here for the first time that the visit of Charles and Camilla to your shores and their two meetings with GWB will take place not just to assist their image in the UK. Thanks to our resident society photographer and drunken binge drinker over at New International Times, Smallbrainfield, I can bring you the first photographs of the cause of this meeting between the heads of the two families:

Yep, it's all about William and Barbara. Except it's also about Harry and Jenna. `Cos when the real life movie called "When Harry met Jenna" happened, he nodded over towards his brother in sibling rivalry and said to his dad "I'll have whatever he's having".

So, the Imperial family is going to see its offspring wed. And so is the Royal family. Probably much to relief of them both.

Some of you may doubt the accuracy of this information and say that it is unlikely to happen. Oh, yeah? Kiss my "Miers is eminently qualified for the Supreme Court" butt.

All that remains is the question of dowry - hence the extended discussions. Katherine of France brought with her Normandy and Aquitaine and the promise of the whole of France ( if Henry V had managed to stay alive for another two months). So what price for our two lads to take on the Bush twins and for them having to call George and the First Lady "Dad" and -eek! - "Mom"

Worth a bit more than just giving us back Pennsylvania, if you ask me.

Daily Kos: Gossip From Across the Pond - DKOS EXCLUSIVE!


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