Daily Kos: GAO: Bush P.R. scheme violated law

GAO: Bush P.R. scheme violated law
by another American
Fri Sep 30th, 2005 at 20:13:50 CDT

Robert Pear reports in the New York Times:

Federal auditors said today that the Bush administration had violated the law by purchasing favorable news coverage of President Bush's education policies, by making payments to the conservative commentator Armstrong Williams and by hiring a public relations company to analyze media perceptions of the Republican Party.

In a blistering report, the investigators, from the Government Accountability Office, said the administration had disseminated "covert propaganda" inside the United States, in violation of a longstanding, explicit statutory ban.


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"The auditors declared: 'We see no use for such information except for partisan political purposes. Engaging in a purely political activity such as this is not a proper use of appropriated funds.' . . . The G.A.O. said the Education Department had no money or authority to 'procure favorable commentary in violation of the publicity or propaganda prohibition" in federal law.'"

The GAO expressly rejected the Bush administration's defense of its conduct..

Daily Kos: GAO: Bush P.R. scheme violated law


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