Daily Kos: Daily Kos Makes Front Page of WaPo.com

Daily Kos Makes Front Page of WaPo.com
by LawStudent
Mon Oct 10, 2005 at 08:14:38 PM CDT

On the front page of WaPo's online version (it's page A15 of tomorrow's print version), there's an article about how a growing number of Congress Critters are starting to blog, either by hosting their own blogs on their websites, posting articles on the Huffington Post or creating diaries on "the populuar liberal blog Daily Kos."

The portion of the article respecting Daily Kos features Senator Obama's recent post on John Roberts' nomination to the SCOTUS.

"It was a good opportunity to engage an activist community in a forum that is rapidly growing," Obama said in an interview. "If you take these blogs seriously, they'll take you seriously."

Overall, I think it's awesome that the MSM and, more importantly, our representatives in Congress, are recognizing the importance and power of the blogosphere.

I also found it interesting that the only blogs where lawmakers post outside of their own websites are liberal blogs.

Daily Kos: Daily Kos Makes Front Page of WaPo.com


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