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Buffet too ? (none / 0)

I wouldn't go as far as say it is a con job.

It seems the main reason CWT is losing money is because Bush refuses to put Mad Cow prevention measures in effect (hence the turkey waste costs CWT $45 per pound instead of being free) and giving sensible tax cuts for energy alternatives (hence their planed move to Ireland with gives said breaks and forbids any turkey meat in animal feed).

IMHO it is a cool process, but I'm told it is not that new - it was called pyrolisys and exists since the 1920's.. And it certainly can not turn all garbage into oil.

But when I put my tinfoil hat with turkey baster antenna ;-) the fact that the first pilot plant was developed in a Navy lab, that they do NOT seek any IPO or investors and that ex-CIA James Woosley is among the top investors makes me wonder if this is not a sofisticated front company built to deny Peak Oil will be a problem...

by lawnorder on Tue Oct 18, 2005 at 04:41:51 AM CDT

Daily Kos :: Comments Turn Anything Into Oil


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