Daily Kos :: Comments Rove lied to Bush

Plausible Deniability... Reagan's "I don't recall" was getting old so now we have "I never knew.. Rove lied to me"...

That was pretty much how Reagan escaped the tainted legacy of Iran Contra: Overzealous "friends" that went to far and lied / ommitted facts from the "gentle old man"... He was taken advantage off and kept out of the loop.

But neocons forget that if this is true, if Rove lied to Bush and Bush was fooled then this means:
- Bush is a terrible judge of character and should not chose anyone for any government post, let alone the Supreme court
- Bush is too naive and is obviously not qualified for the responsibility that is in his hands now. He should resign.
- The country is being run by a cadre of dishonest people and Bush can't even realize the problem, let alone do something about it.
- Bush is too emotionally involved to see the ugly truth right in front of his eyes: Bush's so called closest aidees are not his loyal friends and are not working for America but for themselves

This frame may be useful to us democrats also. Rumor and the DLC say that there are voters who will never believe Bush is evil. That voter may believe Bush is being taken advantage by fake friends and support the convictions and arrests.

Of course, the more likely truth is that Rove never lied and Bush was in on it, or in a devious "plausible deniability" plot, Rove lied to Bush, but Bush WAS NOT fooled, Bush actually was in full accord with Roves actions and relived that Rove took the blame. In this case, the lie was to give Bush an escape route in case the Plame stuff got ugly but it was never an attempt to fool Bush.

by lawnorder on Sat Oct 8th, 2005

Daily Kos :: Comments Rove lied to Bush


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