Daily Kos :: Comments Did Judy Meet Cheney?

Data points for Iran code in letter (none / 0)

* Libby's letter mentions Judy should go back to reporting on Iran
* WHIG, Judy, Libby and Cheney were the primary promoters of Iranian friendly Chalabi
* At the proverbial Aspen institute conference Judy talked about Iran
* The biggest treason / intel leak of the Bush Administration wasn't Plamegate! It was the inadvertent revelation to an Iranian double agnet (Chalabi ?) that US had cracked it's communications code.
* Cheney et al. are itching to invade... Iran next

And the guess:
- What subjects could Judy have possibly talked about in Jackson Hole, Wyo. but Iran, Iraq, WMD and Plame ?

It is obvious that they all have a shared interest in Iran. What remains to be seen is if the Iran reference in Libby's letter is to :
A - Remind Judy of their joint cover up of a possible illegal leak to an Iranian agent - a crime much worse than Plamegate and a lot less "spinnable" by Rovian antics
B - Plea with Judy to lie in his behalf so that they can move on to spinning their way into a new Bush war with Iran
C - All of the above..

Daily Kos :: Comments Did Judy Meet Cheney?


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