Daily Kos: Avian Flu Pandemic: Evolution or Intelligent Design?

Avian Flu Pandemic: Evolution or Intelligent Design?
by phild1976
Tue Oct 11, 2005 at 01:05:51 PM CDT

With all the talk about the possibility of an Avian flu pandemic, an important question has gone unanswered. Will this new virus be the result of evolution, or will it be the result of intelligent design (ID)? It is a tough one, and we could use some help. So far, we've only heard from the scientists, who have taken a very strong stand on the pandemic. They say it is not a question of "if", but only a question of when.

The intelligent design community, on the other hand, has been totally speechless, which is not like them. Now, I realize they are busy, what with trying to get ID into schools, discredit Darwin and all that. However, this virus mutation, or virus redesign, seems like it really comes under their area of study. So, maybe the ID experts could weigh-in and give us the benefit of their insight.

The first question is obviously whether the pandemic is even coming. The scientists say it is definite. But, maybe ID'ers know different. The second question is, if this flu virus does mutate, I mean change, is it due to Intelligent Design? Because if it is, maybe this affects how we respond.

Maybe the biggest question is: does Intelligent Design even apply here? From everything I have read, ID only seems to be responsible for, or take credit for, all the good stuff that has occurred in nature, but none of the bad shit. So, maybe pandemics are outside ID's sphere of influence. Anyway, these are the kinds of questions that the ID experts could really help us with.

As it stands, I guess I will have to go with what the scientists are saying. In other words, I expect the pandemic to happen. And it will be a true test for the ID advocates. Will they freak out and run to the scientific community for help, such as for antivirals like Tamiflu, and a vaccine when it is available? Or, will these ID'ers simply turn to their designer God? If they do the latter, I recommend they pray at home and watch the TV preachers. Because if these Christian extremists continue to go to church, I don't think the Good Shepard will be able to protect his flock. There will be a culling of the herd, so to speak. Actually, when I think about it this way, maybe there is something to be said for this intelligent design stuff.

Daily Kos: Avian Flu Pandemic: Evolution or Intelligent Design?


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