Daily Kos: Aspens Turning, Leads to Cheney?

So, who was Libby visiting in Jackson Hole? Probably Cheney. He lives there. Wonder if Judy was visiting him, too. It would be a great place to get their stories straight, wouldn't it?

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So, if she was telling the truth, the key to what Libby meant when he said the "Aspens are turning" is somewhere in Colorado in August 2003 or in what Libby might have told her in Jackson Hole afterward.

Here's what I found on the web. A conference at the Aspen Institute at the right time with Judith Miller making a preseantation:

"In Search of An American Grand Strategy for the Middle East (August 2003)
The Aspen Strategy Group summer workshop in Aspen, Colorado brought together ASG members, regional experts, and several administration officials to discuss the contours and complications of American grand strategy in the Middle East. The group tackled reconstruction in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Arab-Israeli conflict, region-wide economic modernization, democratization and security, while examining the necessity for a generational commitment to the region. The papers commissioned for the session have been released in a monograph along with a synopsis of the discussion written by ASG director, Kurt Campbell."

Couldn't find a list of participants, but I did find the program:

Contents of America and the Muslim Middle East

Table of Contents

Questions for Discussion

Memo from Bernard Lewis, "What You Should Know about Islam"

So, Judy goes to her conference. Who did she see? What did they tell her?
And then she heads for Jackson Hole on vacation, and lo and behold, there's Libby, out of the blue. What did he tell her? Did he take her to Dick Cheney's house in Jackson Hole? It would have made a cozy spot to get their stories straight, since it was starting to look like they might have a problem with the Valerie Plame stuff.

This was in the middle of everything breaking in the Plame leak.
Miller said she first met with Libby on June 23, 2003. He was concerned about leaks from the CIA and the CIA not being onboard with the administration.
Libby claims the CIA, not Cheney, sent Wilson to Niger, and it's the first time Judith claims she heard the name Wilson. Libby mentioned Wilson's wife might work for the CIA.

Wilson's op-ed piece in the NYT appeared on July 6, 2003.

Daily Kos: Aspens Turning, Leads to Cheney?


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