Daily Kos: Am. Conservative mag accuses Bush Admin of financial corruption

Am. Conservative mag accuses Bush Admin of financial corruption
by Sharon Jumper [Subscribe]
Tue Oct 18, 2005 at 01:43:12 AM CDT

Dude, do you know where your tax dollars are? Heh heh heh. I LOVE the lead story and the cover of this week's American Conservative magazine.

Oh, baby! Tell me we progressives cannot find common ground and break bread with the principled conservatives on this:
The American-dominated Coalition Provisional Authority could well prove to be the most corrupt administration in history...the corruption grew out of the misguided neoconservative agenda for Iraq, which meant that a serious reconstruction effort came second to doling out the spoils to the war's most fervent supporters.

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It gets better! Mon dieu! Can you believe that the Bush Administration engaged in cronyism and gave our hard-earned tax dollars to unqualified workers?

The CPA brought in scores of bright, young true believers who were nearly universally unqualified. Many were recruited through the Heritage Foundation website, where they had posted their résumés. They were paid six-figure salaries out of Iraqi funds, and most served in 90-day rotations before returning home with their war stories. One such volunteer was Simone Ledeen, daughter of leading neoconservative Michael Ledeen. Unable to communicate in Arabic and with no relevant experience or appropriate educational training, she nevertheless became a senior advisor for northern Iraq at the Ministry of Finance in Baghdad. Another was former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer's older brother Michael who, though utterly unqualified, was named director of private-sector development for all of Iraq...

I'm shocked, just shocked, that unqualified political hacks would be placed in positions of importance!

Daily Kos: Am. Conservative mag accuses Bush Admin of financial corruption


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