Crooks and Liars - When Conservatives Collide: Harriet Miers

When Conservatives Collide: Harriet Miers

It's always fun watching Brit Hume and Bill Kristol go at it and today was no different.

Nico: Hume: Miers Is Qualifed (At Least If She Isn’t Compared to White Men)...read on (transcript)

Video-WMP low res


There's two other points outside of Nico's.

Wallace said: Brother Kristol here in his trouble making this week...

Why is Bill Kristol a trouble maker? Do you mean that he wouldn't blindly follow the company spin so he's a bad guy? If he was a liberal it would be framed as an opposition point of view. Partisan much Mr. Wallace? Also, Kristol slammed Hume's suck up to the White House routine as well

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Turning on their own

Turning on their own

During the campaign trail all I heard was that John Kerry was just another New England elitist fool. Liberals were just chock full of high octane elitism that percolated through their veins and you can't trust their American values. As I watch MTP this morning, I heard Dr. Richard Land, (who believes all women should be good little homemakers) make the same claim that Brit Hume has to back his boy to offset the conservative outcry over Harriet Miers.

Land: ...it has the scent and whiff of elitism.

Anyone detect a wee-bit of hypocrisy there? They will eat their own to protect Boy George.

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Crooks and Liars: "When Conservatives Collide: Harriet Miers"


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