Conservative blogger on Bush: Now Leaving The Station...The Clue Train

Hey don't feel bad GOPpie, Bush has ignored scientists, lawyers, Nobel Prize winners, journalists, his own staff... It is truly a miracle he hasn't ignored you guys until now -- law

Ever get the feeling that this Administration is just not listening, and I mean listening with the intent to understand, their supporters?

Now I want to know how ANYONE on either side of the aisle (or either side of the Miers issue) who has truly have listened to opponents of Miers could say that. Much less in a room full of what should have been their own supporters.

And apparently I'm not the only one that thinks that way :

Weyrich [ed. Leader of the Free Congress Foundation and the Eagle Forum], who hosted one of the meetings, said afterward that he had rarely seen the level of passion at one of his weekly sessions. "This kind of emotional thing will not happen" often, Weyrich said. But he feared the White House advisers did not really grasp the seriousness of the conservative grievance. "I don't know if they got the message. I didn't sense that they really understand where people were coming from."

This disconnect just pains me.

Especially when it leads to statements such as

Another conservative captured the mood, according to a witness, by scorning Miers. "She's the president's nominee," he said. "She's not ours."

It hurts me to agree, especially becuase it reminds me of liberals saying "He's not MY President".

EckerNet.Com: Now Leaving The Station...The Clue Train


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