CONNECTING: What really matters

Blogger Julio Estrada has a good question:

Last night I read this book to my kids as they went to bed. It is a great book. The author does a wonderful job of stating what is important and what is not, about some basic things that surround us (a cricket, an apple, the rain, etc.)

"The important thing about rain is/ that it is wet./ It falls out of the sky,/ and it sounds like rain,/ and makes things shiny,/ and it does not taste like anything,/ and is the color of air./ But the important thing about rain is that it is wet."

I wished us adults asked ourselves that type of question more often: what's important about a real-estate transaction? a political candidate's record? a software design?

posted by Julio Estrada | 10:45 AM

CONNECTING: What really matters


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