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I left this at PBS Watcher's blog:

Thanks for stopping by my liberal blog. You present some interesting points.

You are correct, scientists and fundies are definitely NOT having a dialog. And that is a shame!

As for ID, do you want to know a secret ? As Catholic and "Secular" I do believe there are footprints from God all over science's discoveries. I just don't have any PROOF, so I keep my faith to myself. And a lot of scientists from all kinds of fields and all kinds of religious backgrounds have mentioned the same. But they all keep their faith private, separate from their science. As you say, faith and science are just two different words.

What annoys me to no end about the fundies advocacy of ID is the strict interpretation of the Bible they require, which is NOT what I learned in my Catholic school. According to my RC priests, and to what we had confirmed recently by the England RC priests, the Bible is not to be taken literally. Evolution is a perfectly good way to describe God's work making the Earth and humans. A typhoon can easily explain God's smiting of Noah's attackers.. Tide and Tidal waves can explain Moses trick when running out of Egypt. None of those explanations make God any less miraculous or less Holy and humans any less made to his image. It actually makes Him MORE Holy in my view, and us humans more to his image, as he built us with such good reasoning skills that with enough clues - also left by Him - we could trace his footsteps through Nature.

Besides my annoyance at the fundamentalist view of the Bible, Fundies anger me when they demand that ID gets equal play in school books. Why ? It's not like there is a lack of opportunity for kids to learn the Bible's version. Religious families have the option, for free, to take their kids to Bible school, to read creationist books and to watch creationist movies and Pat Robertson's TV channel. This is IMHO a quest for power on Earth, using His name to achieve more of it - power on this country. A capital sin in my version of the Bible!

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