c u l t u r e k i t c h e n: Sorry honey, but I am not your blogmonkey.

Culture Kitchen on the guys who think blogs are their free PR engine. Taking advantage of free blog promotion is very bad when the company lies to the blogger to avoid paying some cents for blogads. It gets worse when some "el cheapo" company does it to people who write for a living.

As a side note, wanting free PR on this blog is fine by me, since I have no blogads and I blog strictly not-for-profit. I actually enjoy promoting liberal causes and POV, and even the occasional conservative cause that I like - like the toys for Iraq kids campaign by a soldier from Psyops. But even in my case, where no money is involved, being lied to is a no-no! -- law

Liza Sabater blogs:

I was basically invited to listen in about this great project that needed to have as much word-of-mouth as possible. They implied they did not have an advertising budget behind this project and that is why they needed our help...

My blog is part of the Liberal Blogs Network in BlogAds. The organization I am grumbling about basically chose to pay for advertisement on a number of blogs on the network; hoping that the rest would blog about it and give them what would be in effect free advertising --but without really saying it out right.

.. Sorry honey, but I am not your blogmonkey

c u l t u r e k i t c h e n: I can't believe I have to say this


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