BUSH's MOTHER HENS, the men and women who prop up Bush no matter what he does or says

I think Fineman misses an important point: MEN also act protectively like a "papa bear" around Bush. Witness Rove, Cheney, Limbaugh, Hannity and countless others who even risk jail to protect "bubble boy Bush" and keep him content. It seems Bush has always something to be protected from, specifically vicious, irrational lib'rals. This, I think, is a great component of the loyalty for Bush among his faithful: He may be wrong, but you can't admit it: he needs to be protected from vicious attacks and chinks in his armor will make him more vulnerable... -- law

The president and the 'mother hen' nominee - By Howard Fineman

Miers fits mold of Bush's ..forceful female inner circle

.. Like trail hands on a runaway stagecoach in a cowboy movie, [George W. Bush and Karl Rove are in big trouble now and] need a hero to gallop alongside, leap aboard, and save them from careening into the creek.

Bush always has had a habit of surrounding himself with what he calls “mother hens.” Miers is one of them. Others, in approximate order of their time of prime service, include Barbara Bush, Laura Bush, Karen Hughes, Condi Rice and Frances Townsend. ..

Miers specific job, originally – meaning back in 1993 – was to “mother hen” Bush on personal legal matters. You can’t overstate how important this is, or was. At the time, Bush had just gotten rich from the sale of his interest in the Texas Rangers, and he was about to step onto the stage by running for governor of Texas.

There were Matters: the fishing club Bush was part of, that had had run-ins with locals and employees; murky questions about Bush’s military service; and even – though it’s not clear what Miers knew about this at the time – a drunk-driving arrest from long ago.

She handled everything well, by all accounts, and displayed the quality Bush admires most: the ability to protect him, make problems disappear and make him look good – all while keeping your mouth shut...

Miers also appeals to Bush because she comes from what, for him, is a comfortably specific place and time: the Dallas of the late 80s and early 90s, which had become his home after years of doing nothing in particular in various other parts of Texas.

The Highland Park and University Park areas of the city, just north of downtown, are an appealing part of the South — partaking of the can-do Texas entrepreneurial energy of Texas, but meshing it with cultural sophistication, tolerance and the presence of Southern Methodist University.

SMU is a cultural signpost – in the Bible Belt but not quite of it; a patch of Ivy for the gifted and/or the well-to-do. Miers, Hughes and Laura Bush are all SMU alumnae. (In the 2000 campaign, Bush declined an invitation to an event in New Hampshire. The real reason was to avoid giving Sen. John McCain a platform; the excuse was that Bush needed to attend a ceremony at SMU honoring Laura. Everybody else laughed at the excuse. But knowing them, and the neighborhood, I could see how they thought it was convincing.)

The president and the 'mother hen' nominee - Howard Fineman - MSNBC.com


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