Bush Denounces Iran's Election

On the eve of Iran's presidential election, President Bush yesterday denounced Tehran's theocracy for manipulating the vote by eliminating candidates and ignoring the "basic requirements" of democracy. Whatever the election's outcome, power will continue to be held by "an unelected few" who are out of step with political changes sweeping the rest of the region, Bush said in a statement released by the White House.

The tough White House comment comes at a pivotal juncture in U.S.-Iranian relations and in Iran's political evolution. Seven candidates are vying today to replace President Mohammad Khatami, the reformist whose two-term tenure is ending without significantly changing the world's only modern theocracy. The next government will be in charge of negotiating with leaders of other nations on Iran's nuclear capability, a process -- currently deadlocked -- designed to ensure that Tehran cannot produce a nuclear weapon from its peaceful energy program.

Bush Denounces Iran's Election


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