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Kossack buckfush has excellent suggestions, if you are able to get past the blinking red font menace:

I have a plan to stop the nomination of a new conservative to the Supreme Court.

Of course it will only succeed if you do this and get every person that you can find to do this.

Call, email Curves for Women health Clubs corporate Headquarters. The CEO gives quite a bit of money to the Republican Party and the antiabortion movement.

When you call them and or email them, tell them you or your girlfriend or wife will not patronize their health clubs until the CEO gets George W Bush to hold a press conference announcing the nomination of a moderate or liberal for the Supreme Court.

Curves for Women health clubs at 800-848-1096



Also boycott Dominos Pizza and call their corporate headquarters at 800-468-4726 and make the demands that George W Bush nominate a moderate to the Supreme Court or that you will boycott Dominos pizza.



CEO David Brandon, a hardcore Republican had planned to run for Senate in Michigan against Senator Debbie Stabenow. What better way to make Brandon pay more attention to his company and not run for Senate if thousands of people call his company telling him to get the President to nominate a moderate or face a withering boycott.

Spread the word.

boycott republicans


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