Book: Mr. Bush, Angus and Me: Notes of an American-Canadian in the Age of Unreason

Six months after the attacks of September 11, 2001,
Steven Laffoley stood at the edge of Ground Zero in
New York City. Having emigrated from America twenty
years earlier, he travelled to New York to find
meaning in the terrible event. However, rather than
finding meaning at Ground Zero, he found the absence
of meaning. And, in the months to follow, he watched
as the American government created its own meaning for
the event and used it to usher in a new age The Age of

As he began to write and publish his thoughts on this
new Dark Age, he also began an unexpected journey in
search of his own relationship to America and to
Canada. He asked, what is it to be an
American-Canadian in this Age of Unreason? To find an
answer, the author travelled to New York, Boston, and
throughout New England; to Paris, London, Verdun, and
along the roads of Northern Europe; to Vancouver,
Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, and deep into the
boreal forest at the heart of Canada.

Along the way he encountered an odd collection of
characters, including bohemian pacifists,
soldier-supporting militarists, opinionated coffee
shop patrons, letter-writing readers, television
talking-heads, an old Nova Scotian named Angus, and
even George W. Bush.

With great humour, stark irony, and a deep sense of
history and tragedy, Mr. Bush, Angus and Me tells the
compelling tale of what it is to be an
American-Canadian in the Age of Unreason.

Born near Boston, Steven Edwin Laffoley moved to Nova
Scotia in 1982

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